Butcher Of Common Sense Book

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The Butcher Of Common Sense Book

An edition of 150, which consists of a book, CD & 10”.

A 340 page hard bound and archive boxed artbook which is hand printed & finished.
Printed on a heavy and lightweight uncoated paper.
Photocopy, silkscreen, laser colour print and colour plate.
Hand cut, laser cut, hand finished pages and additional inserts
Handstitched and bound in linen brillianta 4032.
Boxed in heavy manilla mono silk-screened archive boxes.

A CD album [36.11'] and 10' vinyl.
Recorded in the Funkhaus-Nalepestrasse Berlin, The Mill and Leeders Farm
Mixed at The Mill by Jonny Cole
Mastered at The Mill
Cut by Key Productions, manufactured in the Czech Republic
Cased in heavy manila mono silkscreened covers.